Fractal Design Aspect 12 ARGB- 120mm Case Fan (White)

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Building on the core functionality of market favorites like Dynamic and Prisma, the Aspect series brings an exciting new aesthetic to the Fractal range of fans. Notable features include aerodynamic stator struts for lower turbulence, Trip Wire technology for enhanced blade efficiency, rifle bearings and built-in chaining support to simplify cable management.

  • Less turbulence thanks to aerodynamic stator struts
  • 6 individually addressable hub-mounted RGB LEDs
  • Supports ASUS AURA, Gigabytes Fusion, MSI Mystic Light, ASRock Polychrome and Razer Chroma

In living color

  • Let your system shine with six individually addressable hub-mounted RGB LEDs
  • The aerodynamic stator struts decrease turbulence and noise caused by flowing air
  • The Aspect frame offers aesthetics without compromising on performance

Rifle bearings

More efficient than standard sleeve bearings

Trip Wire Technology

Introducing a micro-turbulent layer for enhanced blade efficiency

Chain Feature

Simplify cable management by using the Aspect chain feature for multiple units

Additional information

Fan Dimensions (L x W x H)

120 x 120 x 25 mm

Fan Weight

135 g

Screw hole pattern

105 x 105 mm



Number of blades


Fan Performance

Rotational speed : 1200 RPM
Max airflow (CFM) : 32 CFM
Max airflow (m³/h) : 54.4 m³/h
Noise level : 18.3 dB(A)
Static pressure : 1.20 mm H2O

Fan Power

Fan typical input power:0.96 W
Fan max input current: 0.16 A
Fan input voltage: 12 V
Minimum startup voltage: 7 V


LED input power:1.50 W
LED max input current: 0.30 A
LED input voltage: 5 V

Connector & pin-configuration

Power connector: 3-pin


White ribbon (allows chaining)


90.000 h

Package contents

Aspect Fan, 4x Fan screw


2 Years


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