Cosmic Byte Titania RGB Gaming Headset

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Soft Ear Cushions

The headset comes with soft ear cushions that take away the pain from your long gaming sessions.

Auto Adjustable Headband

The auto adjustable headband does not need to be adjusted manually. It takes the shape of your head as soon as you wear it.

Flexible Microphone

The Omnidirectional flexible microphone is great for gaming, video calls, recording. It is flexible and can be adjusted for recording direction.

Static RGB LED

The Static RGB lights on the headset give a cool gaming look to your setup. The lights can be turned on by plugging the USB cable of the headset to the PC

Ergonomic Design

The headset has an ergonomic design so it feels comfortable and lightweight during use.


The headset is equipped with separate 3.5mm Audio and Microphone jack. These easily connect with PC, Laptops which have separate audio and microphone input.

To use use with mobile and single jack devices headset will require a 2 female-1 male splitter. Note it is not included in the package.

Additional information

Driver Diameter


Frequency Response




Sensitivities (@1KHz)

113dB ± 3dB

Cable Length

2.m USB cable

Microphone Pick-up Pattern


Microphone Sensitivity (@1kHz)

-38 ± 3dB (@ 1KHz)

Headphone Type

Over-Ear Headphones

Dimensions (L x W x H)

23 × 19 × 11 cm


313.6g (Including Cable)
260g (without Cable)


1 year


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