Cosmic Byte Dwarf Gaming Mousepad (Speed)

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Extremely smooth surface

It comes with an extremely smooth surface and are specially designed for gamers who wants faster movement and better control on mouse and keyboard.

Non-slip base

This mouse pad has a non-slip base that provides steady and better grip of your desk at all times. This mouse pad enhances the usability of the mouse, and makes it work much faster by providing a non-slip base.

Anti-microbial surface

From the smooth silk processed cloth surface to the natural underside, this mouse pad comes with anti-microbial surface helps to resist stains and odours.

Silk material

This mouse pad is designed by Cosmic Byte, takes table top roughness in its stride without sacrificing gaming comfort. Made of silk material, it allows smooth movement and lets you enjoy your game without any hindrance.

Trendy design

This mouse pad comes in convenient size. It provides wide space for the movement of the mouse. The foam rubber material provides a soft and smooth texture that enables the mouse to work efficiently.


This mouse pad has the dimensions of 320 mm x 270 mm x 4 mm. It is flexible and 4 mm thick. This superfine soft foam is durable and the uniform surface provides consistent performance whenever your mouse is on the pad.


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320 x 270 x 4mm


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