Cosmic Byte Ares Wired Gamepad for PC (White)

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Ergonomically Designed for Ideal Gaming

The Ares Wired Gamepad is ergonomically designed which makes for a comfortable gaming experience. The design will allow you to spend multiple hours gaming without fatigue.

Textured Sticks for Enhanced Grip

Enhance your gaming experience with the Textured Grip of Ares Wired Gamepad. It makes your gameplay more accurate and pulls you deeper into the game.

Sensitive Analog Triggers & Vibration Effect

The Sensitive Analog Triggers are designed to aim with full precision that takes your gameplay to the next level. The Vibration effect gives you a great tactile feel in your hand.

LED Backlit Buttons for a Slick Look

Give your setup a different look and flaunt into the world of colors with the amazing LED Backlit Buttons of the Ares Wired Gamepad.

Zero Lag Connection for Smooth Gameplay

Enjoy a Zero Lag connection with the Ares Wired Gamepad for a smoother gameplay.

Additional information

Connection Type

Wired USB


19 × 14 × 9 cm


1 Year


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